Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dining Out!

Hubs and I like to have "date night" on Friday evenings. It's really fun for us since we are so busy during the week sometimes it feels like we don't really see each other. We try to pick a different restaurant each week depending on what we are in the mood for and how far we feel like traveling. There aren't a lot of choices in our little home town so we try to branch out if we aren't completely exhausted. A few weeks ago we went to an old favorite, Angellino's in Mansfield. I love this place and was surprised it wasn't busier on a Friday night considering the quality of the food and the generous portions. I guess people are happy going to Crapplebee's down the street - whatever! I had Angellino's Milanese with broccoli over angel hair. So delicious. I get this dish every time because it is so good. It took me a couple of days to eat it all but nothing went to waste. So good!
Angellino's Milanese with Broccoli

the next new place I tried was a breakfast joint in Waterford called When Pig's Fly Cafe. It was a haul from my house but I planned on doing some shopping in that area so it was a good way to start the day. What drew me to the place was that they make their own corned beef hash. I love a good corned beef hash but that stuff in a can is DOGFOOD in my opinion. So gross. I am always so disappointed when I see it on breakfast menus and find out that it is canned. I ordered the Irish Omelet which was eggs, corned beef hash and Swiss cheese and a side of homefries.  It came with toast and I ordered Rye. I have to say I really liked this little cafe. The omelet was fantastic and there were some cinnamon scones on the counter that looked REALLY good! I also like that the coffee was self serve. No waiting for the waitress or having them continuously interrupting you for a "warm up".
Irish Omelet, Homefries and Rye Toast

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