Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Solution to my Chinese Food Dilemma

So, I have already come clean about my Chinese food addiction and how my body revolts every time I eat it. But my name is Erika and I'm a Chinese foodaholic so I keep eating it anyway. Last night I decided to try my own hand at making it figuring that it would give me more control over what is in it and thus I would not wake up bloated and dehydrated. I have always been intimidated by the prospect of cooking Chinese food. The concept seems so simple - high heat - yet I just never could master it. So, for this I opted for a fairly simpified and Americanized take on Chinese food and it was pretty darn good. I actually adapted the recipe from an Asian style pasta salad recipe and I think it worked out rather nice. I subbed rice noodles for the regular lo mein noodles (i.e. spaghetti) because it was too hot in the kitchen to have water boiling for that long. What I ended up with was a meal that not only made for a delicious hot dinner but would also work well as a cold salad. And, Today I do not feel bloated and cranky! Guess what's for dinner tonight! LOL!

Spicy Asian Style Noodle Dinner

1/2 C. soy sauce
2 t. olive oil
1 t. sesame oil
1 t. crushed red pepper, or to taste (you may want to start with less)
1 t. minced garlic (I used more like a tablespoon. Me likes garlic)
1 t. Sriracha hot sauce (Thai hot chile sauce marked Tuong Ot Sriracha on the label)

salt, to taste
1 (16 oz.) package spaghetti or fettuccine or rice noodles
2 C. shredded napa cabbage
1 C. shredded carrots
1/2 C. diced red pepper
1 C. broccoli florets - blanched
1 C. snow or sugar snap peas
1/2 C. chopped cilantro leaves
2 C. cooked chicken, shrimp or beef (optional)- I cooked the meat, in this case chicken, in some of the vinagrette

For Vinaigrette:
In a bowl, whisk together the soy sauce, olive oil, sesame oil, crushed red pepper, garlic and Sriracha hot sauce. Set aside.

For Noodles:
Bring a large pot of water to a rolling bowl, add salt to taste, then add noodles and stir. While noodles are cooking, prepare the cabbage, carrots, red pepper, cilantro and chicken, shrimp or beef. When noodles are done, drain and immediately pour into a large bowl.

Add vinaigrette, vegetables and meat or fish; stir to combine thoroughly. Serve.

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