Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have a camera, Dammit, now why can't I remember to use it?

I really should have taken a picture of last nights dinner. Seriously! By the time I even remembered that I started this blog thing Daisy doggie had already licked every last morsel from the plates and all that was left to photograph were dirty dishes. Sigh!

Daisy Doggie - My pre-rinse cycle and best friend!

Yesterday was one of those days where I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner as soon as I woke up. I love those days. No picking of brains, mine or anyone elses, trying to figure out what will satisfy everyone. Just come home inspired and ready to cook and serve it up. Any complaints get the traditional response - EAT IT OR DIE! LOL! Anyway, we have had a burger and hot dog stretch followed by a chicken and pasta stretch so last night it was pork chop time. Not pork choooops and applesaaauuce though. Just a quick honey-mustard version. I had some very nice thick loin chops defrosted, which I quickly seasoned with salt and pepper. Then I heated some oil in a skillet untill it was nice and hot. The chops went in (make sizzle sound here) and I seared them quickly on both sides. Never skip the sear when preparing loin chops becasue not many things suck more than a dry and tasteless porkchop! Once those juices were sealed in, I added some chicken stock to the pan (more sizzle sounds), a generous tablespoon or so of dijon mustard and another generous tablespoon of honey. I worked that all together and added a couple shakes or garlic powder and parsley. I had intended to use fresh garlic at the beginning but forgot. The garlic powder worked fine though so no harm done. I let that all simmer turning the chops every few minutes until the were firm. By that time the sauce had reduced nicely and we had oursleves the beginnings of one fine meal! I served it with carrots that i simmered in butter with a pinch of sugar (heart attack but so worth it) and a ready made pork stuffing. Hey I work for a living and can't make everything from scratch! The important thing is that husband enjoyed the meal as much as I did and ate every last bit on his plate. I would say that is mission dinner accomplished!

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