Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lidia Bastianch Inspired Dinner

I have to admit that I love the way Lidia Bastianich cooks. Every now and then I catch her show "Italy in America" on public television and she always is cooking something right up my alley. A few weeks ago it was a chicken with prosciutto any provolone cheese that looked divine! Now, I had already missed the first part of the show so I didn't get the entire recipe but after a pretty exhaustive search on the Internet I was able to find it. I am not sure if my cooking method is exactly the way she did it since she was at the last few steps when I started watching but all I can say is that it came out SO good! Cooking the chicken with the fresh herbs in place imparts a lovely flavor that is really quite tasty. One thing I did realize is that smoked provolone is sure hard to find in my area! I even went to Manhattan and couldn't find it! BUT... regular provolone didn't disappoint so if you can't find smoked, don't sweat it. I will continue my search and am sure I will get my hands on some eventually and will let you know how it compares. So for now, be assured that this recipe, even without the smoked cheese, is quick and easy to prepare for a delicious weeknight meal and is sure to please. I think I served it with a side of fresh green beans. It was delightful.

Lidia Batianch's Chicken with Smokey Provola

2 chicken breast halves (I like to fillet mine into 2 or 3 cutlets rather than Pound them out)
8-10 fresh basil leaves
6-8 slices prosciutto
6-8 slices smoked provolone cheese
2 Tbs olive oil
1/4 C sweet Marsala
1/4 C white wine
salt and pepper to taste

Heat olive oil in a heavy bottomed skillet
Place basil leaves on the chicken cutlets and cover with slices of prosciutto
Place chicken, prosciutto side down, in skillet and allow to brown
Carefully turn over chicken ans brown other side - Use tongs to keep herbs and prosciutto in place
Remove from skillet as set aside
Deglaze pans with wines and return chicken to skillet, prosciutto side up
Place provolone on top of prosciutto and cover pan.
Cook until provolone is melted and chicken is cooked through
Remove chicken and simmer pan liquids to desires consistency. Pour pan liquids over chicken to serve.
Salt and pepper to taste

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