Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Licking My Chops!

For dinner that is, LOL! My husband has this love-hate thing with pork. He likes it but sometimes it doesn't like him back. Last time we had pork it was ribs and they made him sick so he was a little reluctant to try this evenings dinner. But he is such a good sport, not only did he eat them but he also braved cous cous for the first time. I am happy to say he enjoyed both and neither made him sick. He did say the cous cous took a little getting used to though. Still, he ate it without complaint and didn't say it was gross so that pretty much means he liked it.

This recipe actually turned out well however, in the future I think I would marinate the chops in the honey mustard to impart more of the flavor. The flavor when prepared as described below is very subtle but still there. If you prefer a crispier coating you could certainly fry the chops in oil but we are trying to watch the fat so in the oven they went.

Honey Mustard and Onion Pork Chops
2 Pork Loin Chops - with or without bone
1 tbs Honey
1 Tbs yellow mustard
1 egg
1/2 C panko
1/2 Cup fried onions, pulverized in food processor

Preheat oven to 400 F

Combine honey, mustard and egg in a shallow bowl and combine thoroughly with a pork or whisk

Combine onions and panko on a plate

Dip chops in egg mixture and then press into panko mixture to coat

Bake on a wire rack set in a pan for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through.


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