Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Indeed my life has been chaotic as of late. needless to say the healthy eating aspect of it has had some ups and downs. But I still keep trying. I have made some delicious things lately too that I have neglected to share. As usual, no pictures but I will try to catch up a little. todays recipe is an epiphany for me as my last attempts at making this were so abyssmal that I almost gave up on the idea. What is this recipe of which I speak you ask?? Mashed cauliflower. I know I have posted about this before but I did some homework and realize what I did wrong. 1- do NOT cook the florets in water!!! NO, NO, NO! Cook with no water in the microwave. 2- Ditch the yogurt. If you are worried about fat content use skim milk. 3- Use a good sharp cheddar cheese. this will mask that cauliflower taste. 4- Use a blender not a food processor to produce and silky creamy end product.

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