Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ode to Spring!

I do believe the threat of frost has finally passed and I finally went out and bought my vegetable starts for the garden. Of course, I bought WAY to many since our local five and dime only sells 6-packs. That's OK though as Mom just informed me she is now in an all out war with the moles that devastated her first round of vegetable plantings. All my extras will be heading to her house later this month. My brother also went and planted a HUGE garden too so it looks like we will be flush with fresh veggies this summer. THIS IS A GOOD THING! I can't wait for those plants to start producing! I am already chomping at the bit for those fresh summer flavors and have compiled an arsenal of recipes for all the tomatoes, zucchini and peppers I am anticipating! I forsee lots of grilling and dining al fresco in the months to come! And salads! Oh, how I long for fresh veggies for my salads! Right now it's vidalia onion and asparagus time but husband SWEARS he doesn't like asparagus. We will just see about that! I'll bet if I shave it into some orzo and dress it with a nice vinagrette and some pecorino he will gobble it up like there is no tomorrow! He will be out friday night so, if all else fails, that might be my asparagus night. Just me, my asparagus and some cheesy kung fu movies on DVD. AHHH! Life is good!

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