Thursday, September 9, 2010

What the Hell am I going to Make?

I have a serious dilemma here, folks. This weekend is the third anniversary of our non-profit organization ( An occasion that we always celebrate with a huge party featuring a chili cook-off. Now, before you all jump up and scream, "Make Chili, Dumbass", you need to know that I plan on riding my motorcycle to the event. That's a 1 hour ride each way. So, no crockpot will be coming with me. I suppose I could quadruple saran wrap some tupperware containers and try to reheat over a bonfire but I just know that shit would just spill all over my saddlebags and be a stinking mess by the time I got there. Besides, there will already be about 10 pots of chili without mine so, really, is anybody going to miss it? I think not. I am thinkng I should bring a dessert. Something that would travel well on the back of a motorcycle. Obviously cakes and pies are OUT. I know everybody there will be wanting me to bring my peanut-butter filled chocolate cupcakes but, again, I am afraid they will be reduced to nothing but a gloppy mess during the ride. Cupcakes + one hour of vibration = mess. Wouldn't you agree? So now I am thinking rice krispie treats or some variation thereof. I have a bag of toasted coconut marshmallows that may work well for something like that. I am thinking if I use them with choloate chips and golden grahams cereal I may end up with something akin to a Samoa cookie or at least a tropical s'more. I mean, it couldn't possibly be BAD, could it? I guess I'll have to give it the old college try and let you know how it turns out.

UPDATE! The toasted coconut marshmallows, when combined with golden grahams cereal and Hershey's mini kisses, made for one heck of a tasty treat. It survived the saddle bags with flying colors, too!

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