Monday, December 6, 2010

Fenn Again's Restaurant - A Review

So, Friday night was date night for Hubby and me. We were kind of tired of our usual dinner places so we decided to try a new restaurant nearby that had been receiving fairly decent reviews. The restaurant, located in Hebron, CT, was billed as an Irish Pub called Fenn Again's. When we got there the place was packed and not at all what I was expecting. The room was brightly lit with high ceilings and was very loud. We waited in the bar for about 20 minutes until our table was ready. The bar area was rather small but had plenty of seating and a VERY good selection of beers on tap. After we were seated we looked at the menu and I was surprised to see only 2 items on it that could be considered Irish; Shepherd's Pie and a chicken version called Cottage Pie. The rest of the menu was burgers, sandwiches and hot wings. I have never seen a cheese steak offered as a house favorite in an Irish Pub before, LOL! WTH! OK, the special of the night was corned beef and cabbage to make that three Irish dishes on the menu. There was also a Reuben but, to me, that is not Irish food. No lamb stew made with Guinness, no bangers and mash, no fish and chips. Are you kidding me! I ordered the shepherds pie and hubby ordered the cheese steak. Our meal took nearly an hour to arrive, which was a bit irritating, not to mention that we were seated near the entrance and got hit with a cold draft every time somebody opened the door. When we finally did get our food it was OK. Nothing to rave about but it didn't suck. All in all, the experience wasn't good enough to make us want to come back.

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