Friday, August 20, 2010

Dining Out

As much as I love to cook, I think I enjoy dining out just as much. Maybe more since I don't have to do the dishes afterwards. That alone is worth the price. Last night DH and I decided to hop on the bike and go out to eat at one of my favorite places, the Lake View restaurant in Coventry. The food is good, the prices are good, the service is good but what really makes this place a stand out for me is the huge deck that overlooks the lake. Last night was the perfect night for dining al fresco and there was no other place I wanted to go. Funny thing is, while there are lots of delicious sounding entrees on the menu I always seem to get the same thing - Grilled Chicken Salad, Buffalo Style with Ranch Dressing. To me, salad always tastes better when somebody else has to make it, LOL! Husband got himself a Chicken Ceasar Wrap with fries. Because we got there before 6 we also enjoyed an order of fried mozzarella for half price. Gotta love happy hour specials! All in all it was a wonderful dinner on the deck with my honey. We even got to feed some of the extra fries to the resident flock of ducks that like to hang around the place. QUACK!

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