Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chinese Food Haiku

Ate Chinese take out.
Now I'm bloated and cranky.
And I slept like shit.

It may not be profound but damned if it ain't true!

What is it about chinese food that has me by the shorthairs? I LOVE it! Lo mein, fried dumplings, won ton soup, mei fun, sesame beef, curry chicken. There really isn't much on a standard chinese take out menu that I won't eat. I gorge myself on it knowing the price I will pay the following day. This is the typical routine - Spend $20-$25 dollars on take out. Go home and feast on it with hubby. Burp it up for the next two hours. Try to go to bed but not be able to get comfortable because of swollen tummy full of food. Wake up at two AM with tongue stuck to roof of mouth and dying of thirst. Drink 5 glasses of water. Go back to bed and toss and turn. Get up to pee. Finally fall asleep but have weird dreams. Wake up for work tired. Get dressed and find that pants don't fit right and rings are stuck on fingers due to overnight bloating. Go to work tired and depressed about feeling so damn fat. Swear I'm never eating that shit again. Repeat every three weeks.

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