Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am so freaking lazy!

Seriously. Sometime I suprise even myself with how lazy I can be. Especially with it being so hot out. I just don't want to move let alone cook something even remotely complicated. Of course, in the winter the same is true because it gets dark so early and I want to go to sleep. Either way I have an excuse! LOL!. I have been craving enchiladas for weeks now. I have the pork in my freezer already cooked and shredded but the idea of frying and rolling tortillas has me reaching for a box of pasta every time. Same goes for tamales. Damn, do I love those things. I even made them once.... ONCE! It took me all day to make them and all of about 30 minutes to devour every last one. I can't just go out and buy them either because here in Connecticut good tamales are few and far between. Besides that, in addition to being a lazy cook, I am also cheap. Why buy tamales when I can make them myself. Um, because it will be a cold day in hell before you motivate yourself to make them, dumbass! So I just accept my enchilada/tamale free day and try to fill the void with a take out egg roll. Another delicacy I am too lazy to make but at least I can get one for a buck on nearly every corner.

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